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Insurance Expert Witness

In many ways the characteristics of a good expert witness mirror those of a competent insurance coverage attorney. Both must be creative thinkers to understand how a loss may or may not fit within the parameters of coverage informed by custom and practice at the time the policy was written. Insurance is a major concern for all industries and there must be an appetite to research multiple industries, their processes, and the way business is done in each-sometimes over decades, including how brokers and underwriters address them. Due to the highly technical and often dry nature of insurance contracts, the successful expert must be a student of hundreds of policy forms and endorsements. Whether a policy provides coverage may hinge on a single paragraph, or even a single phrase. Finally, an expert’s written and oral communication skills must be precisely honed to sophisticated legal audiences or lay juries as required.

Executive Director Services

Over his career Robert Anderson has been a member of 18 private, public and charitable boards, including insurance companies, captive insurance, insurance brokers, MGU, educational, manufacturing & construction, banks, venture capital and technology. Currently, he is a member of boards of Hampton Products International (11 years), Fuller Theological Seminary (16 years) and TailorWell Holdings ( 2 years).

Insurance Program Development

As a broker Robert Anderson championed the development of several proprietary insurance programs for property/casualty, worker’s compensation, and group health insurance. These include Umbrella Liability policies with A+ rated underwriters, which selectively covered such difficult risks such as pollution, asbestos, Y2K and employment practices. The Advantage Compensation™ program garnered $70 million in worker’s combination with almost 400 commercial clients. In addition, Robert Anderson developed a model requiring a nursing staff for preventative healthcare at work sites, and premiums for group health insurance exceeded $35 million.

Finding and Forming Strategic Alliances

Nothing accelerates a business endeavor more quickly than the right strategic partner or can mire it down faster than the wrong one. Finding and qualifying the right business partner is an art form that requires seeing the world from the perspective of those prospective partners. When synergy is right, often capital flows. Robert Anderson has obtained documented capital and offers totaling over $100,000,000 from over 15 different Strategic Partners.