Our Insurance Expert Witness Services are Trusted by
30% of the Top 100 Insurance Law Firms

Insurance Expert Witness Services offered by The Anderson Edge

The Anderson Edge has a dozen years of proven success, responsiveness, and validation.

My firm is privileged to be trusted by 30% of the top 100 insurance law firms in the specialty of insurance expert witness. This is highly useful because the intense validation procedure necessary to be validated by these firms and their large-case clients is rigorous. It then means that even boutique insurance law firms can rely on the due diligence the firm has already gone through and represent that for their client approval. This is especially efficient on short-fuse expert designations. Many other top one hundred firms I have not yet represented will likely have deposed me during depositions or trials and have reviewed our extensive Rule 26 expert reports.

insurance expert witness services

However, the size of the law firm is not representative of the capability of an individual lawyer, as many in smaller firms produce outsized results for their clients. Our difference? We provide personal involvement, immersion, and a level of commitment to all clients, from boutique to the biggest.

You’ll want to see the firms in the top 100 I have worked for already, click here List from the Top 100 Insurance Coverage Law firms. If you prefer, we can email the list directly to you. Simply contact me at randerson@theandersonedge.com or call at 949-645-6842. I will personally respond to you in either case.

Insurance Expert Witness Services

Types of Insurance Cases

I have testified as an expert witness in State and/or federal court involving the following types of insurance cases:

  1. Agent Broker Standard of Care
  2. Underwriter Standard of Care
  3. Bad Faith Claims issues
  4. Managing General Agency Standard of Care issues
  5. Insurance Coverage Towers and Following Form concerns
  6. and more.

As an insurance expert with years of experience I have consulted, and provided opinions or reports for cases involving:

  1. Insurance coverage on Natural Catastrophes, i.e., Wildfire and Flood
  2. Wrap up Construction Insurance Cases
  3. Public Nuisance environmental cases
  4. Insurance Broker Special Relationship status
  5. Environmental Coverage Issues, etc.
  6. and more.
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